MIPA CZ s.r.o.

Welding and Metal Fabrication


Our company launched its business in the field of engineering industry already in the year 1992. It was established as a physical entity but since 1999 we have operated as a corporate body under the current name MIPA CZ s.r.o. The company headquarters and manufactory are located in the municipality of Chrastava, 10 km far from Liberec city. Our manufactory facilities are self-owned, situated on premises of 3,700 sq metres of which 2,200 sq metres are built up premises.


We deal with custom orders as well as batch manufacturing. Our main production activity is welding of steel structures in protective atmosphere using MIG/MAG method. Based on our long-standing tradition and years of experience we develop, produce, adjust and repair special pallets which are used to transport metal and plastic positive gripping components, predominantly for the automobile industry.


At our ten welding stations we produce any steel structures including surface conditioning and finishing. Accessory assembling in compliance with the customer's needs is also possible if required. 2D and 3D CAD documentation is supplied as a standard part of the order.

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Company's premises
Company's premises